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Acrobat Reader Document(S7) CUES Service Summary One Pager.pdfJul 1, 2020
Acrobat Reader Document150121 IoS and Care Home Supplement Payment Guidance for PCN FINAL FOR CIRCULATION (002).pdfJan 25, 2021
Acrobat Reader Document20.09.29 Letter to Seb Hobbs from GPC.pdfOct 5, 2020
Acrobat Reader Document20.10.23 Guidance for NHS Regional Teams CCGs and GP Practices on claiming reimbursement for reasonable additional costs for flu delivery.pdfOct 25, 2020
Acrobat Reader Document20.11.2 GP_update_clinically extremely vulnerable.pdfNov 3, 2020
Acrobat Reader Document20.12.31 CVP call centre letter.pdfJan 4, 2021
Acrobat Reader Document20.12.31 JCVI short statement - first dose prioritisation.pdfJan 4, 2021
Acrobat Reader Document200603 Technical advice to HCPs on imms for COVID-19 FINAL.pdfJun 9, 2020
MS Word Document200612 PFA PHE Psychological First Aid during Covid.docxJun 17, 2020
Acrobat Reader Document2020.10.09 DHSC flu stock guidance for GPs - FINAL.pdfOct 12, 2020
Acrobat Reader Document20200209 Wave5_Primarycare.pdfJun 5, 2020
Acrobat Reader Document20200618_PLAN_InfoSheet07_GPRs_FINAL.pdfJul 3, 2020
MS Word Document20200915 Payment reminder and SSO comms from NHSD CQRS to commissioners.docxSep 21, 2020
Acrobat Reader Document20201112 Sarah Wilkinson NHSD letter to General Practice (002).pdfNov 16, 2020
Acrobat Reader Document20201112 Sarah Wilkinson NHSD letter to Patients 16-49 FINAL.pdfNov 16, 2020