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Acrobat Reader DocumentTest and Trace strategy external Q&A.pdfFriday
Acrobat Reader DocumentC0517 DOAC briefing for CCGs_27 May.pdfThursday
Acrobat Reader DocumentAir and Share Invite all GPs.pdfWednesday
Acrobat Reader DocumentLetter to Parents FINAL.pdfWednesday
Acrobat Reader Document2020-05-20 PCN DES letter to GPC.pdfMay 22
Acrobat Reader DocumentARRS letter to practices 2021 final.pdfMay 22
Acrobat Reader Document2020 05 20 FINAL Letter re Resourse to support acutely unwell.pdfMay 21
Acrobat Reader DocumentTraining Hub Primary Care Vacancies Flyer v4.pdfMay 15
Acrobat Reader DocumentWMAS Monthly Briefing - April.pdfMay 15
Acrobat Reader DocumentCoViD-19 Related Deaths in Doctors and Risk Stratification.pdfMay 14
MS Word DocumentStaff Risk Assessment Form.docxMay 13
Acrobat Reader DocumentYear of the Nurse final.pdfMay 12
Acrobat Reader DocumentMSC - Care home testing letter 07 05 20.pdfMay 11
Acrobat Reader DocumentUpdate to all GP trainees 20200506.pdfMay 8
MS Excel Document8th May Bank holiday per STP (updated).xlsxMay 7
Department of Health:  Coronavirus (COVID-19): verifying death in times of emergencyCoronavirus (COVID-19): verifying death in times of emergencyMay 7, 2020
Acrobat Reader DocumentLPC - External Stakeholders Update 4 1st May 2020.pdfMay 5
Acrobat Reader DocumentLocum GP message Final 050520.pdfMay 5
Acrobat Reader DocumentMentoring & Wellbeing - May 2020 v2.pdfMay 5
Acrobat Reader DocumentShinyMind-App-Tour-Guide 2019-120.pdfMay 5
Acrobat Reader DocumentWelcome-to-the-ShinyMind-app.pdfMay 5
MS Word Document2020 05 01 Patient leaflet - access to NHS Dentistry.docxMay 4
MS Word DocumentNHSX - COVID-19 NDS System letter Final 200424 (1).docxMay 2
Acrobat Reader DocumentBMA Implications of changes to routine service provision - 1.5.20.pdfMay 2
Acrobat Reader Document20 04 29 2. Worcestershire COVID Claims Process 29 Apr 20.pdfApr 30
Acrobat Reader Document20 04 29 3. Gen Practice bank holiday arrangements 8 May.pdfApr 30
EOL SOP - Coronavirus (COVID-19): reuse of medicines in a care home or hospiceEOL SOP Coronavirus (COVID-19): reuse of medicines in a care home or hospiceApr 29, 2020
Acrobat Reader DocumentShielded patients NHSEI update 23.04.20.pdfApr 24
MS Word DocumentNHSX - COVID-19 NDS System letter Final 200424.docxApr 24
Acrobat Reader Document2020.04.23 - Farah Jameel letter to Matthew Gould COPI regulations.pdfApr 24
MS Excel DocumentH&W Swabbing Template Primary Care.xlsxApr 24
Acrobat Reader DocumentWorc swabbing Update 24 April 20.pdfApr 24
Acrobat Reader Document20 04 24 Launch of E-mail AG Paediatrics and Gynae.pdfApr 24
MS Word Document20 04 24 Changes to Clinical Microbiology advice CCG MARCH 2020 v2.docxApr 24
Acrobat Reader DocumentCervical Screening Leter 170420.pdfApr 23
MS Word DocumentNHS CSP Guidance for Sample Taking V1.0.docxApr 23
Acrobat Reader DocumentWorcestershire Reimbursement Principles 23 April 2020 FINAL.pdfApr 23
Acrobat Reader DocumentWorcestershire CDs PPE Position Statement 22.4.20.pdfApr 23
Acrobat Reader Document20 04 21 HW Primary Care Daily Update FINAL.pdfApr 22
Acrobat Reader DocumentEMIS Update.pdfApr 22
Acrobat Reader Document20 04 21 GP_supporting_info_5.pdfApr 22
BMA GP and Practice Covid-19 ToolkitBMA GP and Practice Covid-19 ToolkitApr 21, 2020
Government takes further action to support bus and lorry drivers who are keeping the country movingGovernment Update on Bus and Lorry Drivers LicencesApr 21, 2020
Acrobat Reader DocumentCEM_CMO_2020_018 reuse ppe.pdfApr 20
Cremation Medical Certificate - Cremation 4Cremation Medical Certificate - Cremation 4Apr 20, 2020
Acrobat Reader Document20 04 17 HW Primary Care Daily Update final.pdfApr 17
MS Excel DocumentMaster swabbing collection form v3.0.xlsxApr 17
MS Word DocumentNot in shielding list letter 170420 V1.0.docxApr 17
MS Word DocumentTemplate-letter-for-shielded-patients 170420.docxApr 17
Acrobat Reader DocumentMPU 2020.04.17.pdfApr 17