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Acrobat Reader Document20210112 CQC BMA Pfizer BioNTech Covid Vaccination.pdfMonday
Acrobat Reader Document20210113 GMC response.pdfMonday
Acrobat Reader DocumentPHE Vaccine Surveillance Strategy.pdfMonday
Acrobat Reader DocumentLMC Firearms Guidance for GPs.pdfJan 12
Acrobat Reader DocumentGP Firearms Proforma.pdfJan 12
Acrobat Reader DocumentPhoenix Flyer H&W.pdfJan 12
Acrobat Reader Document6171 Letter NHSE.pdfJan 11
Acrobat Reader Document6172 Letter to patients.pdfJan 11
Acrobat Reader Document2021_0107_C1008_OperationalGuidanceVaccinationofFrontlineHealthSocialCareWorkers.pdfJan 7
Patient Group Direction for COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZenecaPatient Group Direction for COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZenecaJan 7, 2021
Acrobat Reader Document20.12.31 JCVI short statement - first dose prioritisation.pdfJan 4
Acrobat Reader Document20.12.31 CVP call centre letter.pdfJan 4
Acrobat Reader DocumentDec 2020 FP34D Flu Info for practices.pdfDec 23
MS Word DocumentCommissioner letter to practices not participating in the Covid-19 vaccination ES.docxDec 21
Acrobat Reader DocumentArrangements for the vaccination of registered patients of non-participating practices and care home residents and staff 21 December 2020.pdfDec 21