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Acrobat Reader Documentunfair-comments-on-websites.pdfMar 27, 2019
Acrobat Reader Documentthe-nhs-long-term-plan-summary.pdfJan 15, 2019
Acrobat Reader Documentpreparedness-letter_primary-care_community-pharmacy-19-march-2020.pdfMar 23
Acrobat Reader DocumentpHPV Electronic Results - Guidance v1.0 (Oct 19).pdfOct 30
Acrobat Reader Documentnhs-long-term-plan.pdfJan 15, 2019
Acrobat Reader Documentnetwork-contract-des-specification-2019-20.pdfApr 2, 2019
MS Word Documentnetwork-contract-des-registration-form (1).docxApr 2, 2019
Acrobat Reader Documentnetwork-contract-des-guidance-2019-20.pdfApr 2, 2019
Acrobat Reader Documentnetwork-contract-des-and-vat-information-note.pdfApr 2, 2019
Acrobat Reader Documentmedicines-supply-update-letter 210119.pdfJan 21, 2019
Acrobat Reader Documentmandatory-network-agreement.pdfApr 2, 2019
Acrobat Reader Documentintegrated-care-providers-consultation-document.pdfOct 9, 2018
Acrobat Reader Documenthow-to-disclose-information-safely by the ICO SARS.pdfNov 5, 2018
Acrobat Reader Documentgp-preparedness-update-letter-27-march-2020-.pdfMar 30
Acrobat Reader Documentgeneral-practice-premises-policy-review.pdfJul 2
Acrobat Reader Documentframework-managing-performer-concerns-v3.pdfOct 14
Acrobat Reader DocumenteSCR Printed Leaflet - Quad - including consent - Final Nov 2019.pdfDec 9
MS Word Documentat-risk-patient-letter-march-2020.docxMar 25
Acrobat Reader Documentannual-national-flu-programme-2019-to-2020.pdfMar 26, 2019
Acrobat Reader DocumentYear of the Nurse final.pdfMay 12
Acrobat Reader DocumentWorcestershire Reimbursement Principles 23 April 2020 FINAL.pdfApr 23
MS Excel DocumentWorcestershire Primary Care swabbing collection form v2.0.xlsxApr 8
Acrobat Reader DocumentWorcestershire Primary Care Guide During Covid19.pdfApr 8
Acrobat Reader DocumentWorcestershire Full Winter Plan 2018-19 final 02.11.18.pdfNov 7, 2018
Acrobat Reader DocumentWorcestershire CDs PPE Position Statement 22.4.20.pdfApr 23
Acrobat Reader DocumentWorc swabbing Update 24 April 20.pdfApr 24
Acrobat Reader DocumentWorc letter practice COVID 12 Mar 20 FINAL.pdfMar 16
Acrobat Reader DocumentWelcome-to-the-ShinyMind-app.pdfMay 5
Acrobat Reader DocumentWMAS Monthly Briefing - April.pdfMay 15
MS Word DocumentWAHT Update on Cancer Pathways 15.04.2020 Final.docxApr 15
Acrobat Reader DocumentVulnerable staff redeployment guidance COVID-19 FINAL 27.3.20 13.30.pdfMar 27
Acrobat Reader DocumentVulnerable patients-FAQs-Patients-vFINAL.pdfApr 3
Vulnerable Patients – The Role of General
Practice during COVID19Vulnerable Patients – The Role of General Practice during COVID19Mar 23, 2020
Acrobat Reader DocumentVulnerable Patients Clinician-FAQs-v_FINAL.pdfApr 3
MS Power Point DocumentVerification of death 2019 - staff training.pptMar 25
Acrobat Reader DocumentV2_First 5 Network Flyer 14.9.19.pdfJul 15
MS Word DocumentUpdated advice for pregnant women who are working in the NHS and other work settings during the coronavirus outbreak.docxMar 27
Updated GP Returners SchemeUpdated GP Returners SchemeMar 27, 2020
Acrobat Reader DocumentUpdate to all GP trainees 20200506.pdfMay 8
The University of Nottingham published its report of the evaluation of the clinical pharmacists scheme wave 1 pilot. The evaluation found that the role of clinical pharmacist has had a wide ranging impact on the work in General Practice, most notably on contributing to improved capacity and changes in workload, and in medicines optimisation and safety.University of Nottingham - Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice: Pilot Scheme EvaluationAug 9, 2018
MS Power Point DocumentTree Practice managers.pptxFeb 4
Acrobat Reader DocumentTraining Hub Primary Care Vacancies Flyer v4.pdfMay 15
Acrobat Reader DocumentThe interface between primary and secondary care Key messages for NHS clinicians and managers.pdfAug 7, 2017
Acrobat Reader DocumentThe BMA vision for NHS IT report (1).pdfApr 30, 2019
Acrobat Reader DocumentTest and Trace strategy external Q&A.pdfFriday
MS Word DocumentTemplate-letter-for-shielded-patients 170420.docxApr 17
Acrobat Reader DocumentT2_Recommended_PPE_for_primary_outpatient_and_community_care_by_setting_....pdfApr 8
Acrobat Reader DocumentSuture Tariff 2018.pdfApr 2, 2019