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MS Word DocumentFirearms Standard Letter.docDec 29, 2016
MS Word DocumentLMC A traffic light system for assessing work changes in general practice and whether or not they are compatible with the GP forward view – how you the GP and your LMC can hold commissioners of health care to account..docAug 10, 2016
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Benefits Agency.docJul 13, 2017
MS Word DocumentSchools requesting OTC medicines template letter from LMC.docAug 7, 2018
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicines for Children.docMay 11, 2017
MS Word DocumentLetter to Practice Managers - Final.docDec 9
MS Word DocumentDr R Dales - Conflict of Interest Declaration.docMay 7, 2019
MS Word Documentnetwork-contract-des-registration-form (1).docxApr 2, 2019
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Request for Copy of Records.docxJun 20, 2017
MS Word Documentat-risk-patient-letter-march-2020.docxMar 25
MS Word DocumentLong term plan implications for GPs.docxJan 15, 2019
MS Word DocumentPCN Conflict of Interest Policy.docxJul 15
MS Word DocumentCovid staff update march 18 2020.docxMar 23
MS Word DocumentWAHT Update on Cancer Pathways 15.04.2020 Final.docxApr 15
MS Word DocumentCV19 Sample Letter to Patients.docxMar 20
MS Word DocumentNHSX - COVID-19 NDS System letter Final 200424 (1).docxMay 2
MS Word DocumentLMC PCN Draft SS Position Statement Jan 2020.docxJan 13
MS Word DocumentLMC Law Checklist for Merging Practices.docxFeb 6, 2017
MS Word DocumentGPC Advice on preventing telephone fraud.docxAug 8, 2016
MS Word DocumentProfStandards_FAQs_AppraisalSuspensionCovid_v0.2.docxApr 10
MS Word DocumentGPPB Key messages feb 2020.docxFeb 25
MS Word DocumentPharmacy Update 270320.docxMar 27
MS Word DocumentReSPECT FAQs.docxMar 1, 2017
MS Word DocumentNHS CSP Guidance for Sample Taking V1.0.docxApr 23
MS Word DocumentRescue Pack Comms 240320.docxMar 24
MS Word DocumentPCN wording for a Partnership Agreement.docxJul 15
MS Word DocumentBMA Patient information - diamorphineFINAL August 2018.DOCXAug 13, 2018
MS Word DocumentFMD guidance for GPC.docxJan 28, 2019
MS Word Document20 04 08 Worcestershire Care Home Service v2.0.docxApr 8
MS Word DocumentSCHEDULES 2-7 Vs 1.1.docxJul 15
MS Word DocumentHJIS stakeholder brief June 2019 FINAL - GPs.docxAug 12
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter: Employment Medicals.docxFeb 21, 2018
MS Word DocumentJoint statement from NHS England and BMA on GP Funding Formula.docxAug 30, 2016
MS Word DocumentGPs - Patient Survey 2018 - Press Release FINAL - Aug 9 2018 NHSE.docxAug 13, 2018
MS Word DocumentStaff Risk Assessment Form.docxMay 13
MS Word DocumentSetting up a PCN checklist.docxApr 24, 2019
MS Word DocumentDWP Appeals Practice Policy.docxDec 12, 2017
MS Word DocumentPCN Proxy Letter of Authorisation.docxJul 15
MS Word DocumentAn Exciting opportunity to join Herefordshire and Worcestershire’s Primary Care Resilience Programme.docxSep 11
MS Word DocumentEU Exit operational readiness guidance.docxJan 21, 2019
MS Word DocumentHPV Issue Form v1.0.docxOct 30
MS Word DocumentPrimary Care Vacancies Flyer v4.docxNov 7, 2018
MS Word DocumentTemplate-letter-for-shielded-patients 170420.docxApr 17
MS Word Document20 04 24 Changes to Clinical Microbiology advice CCG MARCH 2020 v2.docxApr 24
MS Word DocumentGuidance on MCCD and Cremation Forms following Coronavirus Act 2020.docxMar 27
MS Word Document2020 05 01 Patient leaflet - access to NHS Dentistry.docxMay 4
MS Word DocumentMessage from the Chief Coroner 030420.docxApr 3
MS Word DocumentLMC Buying Group - State-backed Indemnity Update - Run Off Cover - v4 Final.docxNov 5, 2018