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MS Word DocumentFirearms Standard Letter.docDec 29, 2016
MS Word Document6168-Letter To Patients re Flu FINAL.docOct 5
MS Word DocumentPublic health strategies to control an outbreak - final.docJun 5
MS Word DocumentExemption Guidance Note on Face Coverings 140720.docJul 21
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Benefits Agency.docJul 13, 2017
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicines for Children.docMay 11, 2017
MS Word DocumentLetter to Practice Managers - Final.docDec 9
MS Word Document6166 Letter to Patients FINAL.docSep 28
MS Word DocumentSchools requesting OTC medicines template letter from LMC.docAug 7, 2018
MS Word DocumentDr R Dales - Conflict of Interest Declaration.docMay 7, 2019
MS Word DocumentBMA Firearms licensing process: GP support guide.docxMar 6, 2017
MS Word DocumentAn Exciting opportunity to join Herefordshire and Worcestershire’s Primary Care Resilience Programme.docxSep 11, 2019
MS Word Document2020 05 01 Patient leaflet - access to NHS Dentistry.docxMay 4
MS Word DocumentCV19 Sample Letter to Patients.docxMar 20
MS Word DocumentLMC PCN Draft SS Position Statement Jan 2020.docxJan 13